Executive Directors Dr. Terry Cooney
Dr. Terry Braggins
CAIQTEST senior representatives from Beijing

CAIQTEST Pacific is a laboratory testing company based in the Ruakura Research Centre campus in Hamilton, New Zealand. Located in the heart of Waikato’s science community, we pride ourselves on our capability to solve problems for our clients, and our ability to meet the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders and their respective circumstances.

Two of our more notable shareholders are CAIQTEST China (one of the key government-owned official testing labs in China) and Analytica Laboratories in New Zealand.

We work with many companies in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific to The purpose of our laboratory is to facilitate the smoother export of goods from New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific, to China. We work with many of these companies to fulfill Chinese food safety requirements, by providing testing certifications prior to the shipment of goods. These tests and certifications will be specifically tailored to fulfill CIQ customs officials, allowing the relevant goods to be accepted into China.

CAIQTEST Pacific will work to certify export goods in three key ways:

By establishing labs within New Zealand, tailored to carry out the levels chemical and microbiological testing required by Chinese officials

By establishing sub-contractual relationships with Analytica Labs and other such testing companies in New Zealand to carry out any testing NOT able to be done by CAIQTEST Pacific.

By sending samples for testing to CAIQTEST Beijing where the relevant tests cannot be carried out by CAIQTEST Pacific or Australian/New Zealand subcontractors.