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Price of the test:
Please enquire our customer service at

Acceptable Matrices:
Our accreditation covers: Infant and young children’s foods, milk and milk products. This includes formulated foods, milk and milk products.

Unacceptable Matrices:
Any product not listed above. Contact if you are unsure if your product is covered.

Limit of Detection:
Any concentration greater than 2.0 µg/ 100 g is detectable.

Sample Size Requirements:
15 grams of sample is needed minimum, 30 is recommended.


Reportable Units:

Turn Around Time:
6 Business Days

Is Urgent Testing Available?

Method Reference:
GB 5009.259-2016

Method Description:
Samples are weighed out to 10g and are then pipetted out into a dilution series according to a dilution matrix. Buffer and an inoculum are added to the tubes in the dilution series and the samples are then incubated at 36±1°C for 18 to 21 hours. Standards are also prepared alongside the samples. Once incubated the samples are pipetted into 96 well assay plates and read for absorbance on a plate reader. This result is then translated into a concentration. A standard curve is also created using the standards prepared alongside the samples.

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