Price of the test:
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Acceptable Matrices:
Our accreditation covers: milk, milk powders, infant formula

Limit of Detection:
Any concentration greater than 0.1 g/100 g is detectable.

Sample Size Requirements:
50 grams of sample is needed.

Kjeldahl digestion and distillation unit

Reportable Units:
g/100 g

Turn Around Time:
7 Business Days

Is Urgent Service Available?
No (Enquire our customer service for special requirements at

Method Reference:
GB 5009.5-2016 method I

Method Description:
Testing reports values for total protein. Organic matter is destroyed by boiling in conc. sulfuric acid. Then the digestion mixture is alkalized with sodium hydroxide to free up the ammonia prior to distillation. The ammonia is steam distilled into boric acid solution. The content of nitrogen and protein is then determined by titration of the borate complex.

Additional Information:
High fat content may interfere with analysis.

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