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Price of the test:
Please enquire our customer service at

Acceptable Matrices:
Our accreditation covers: milk, milk powders, infant formula

Limit of Detection:
Any concentrations greater than 0.5 g/100 g for α-lactalbumin and 0.7 g/100 g for β-lactoglobulin are detectable.

Sample Size Requirements:
50 grams of sample is needed.


Reportable Units:
g/100 g or %

Turn Around Time:
10 Business Days

Is Urgent Service Available?
No (Enquire our customer service for special requirements at

Method Reference:
In-house (LC-MS/MS)

Method Description:
Testing reports values for α-lactalbumin and β-lactoglobulin. Isotopically labelled peptide is added as an internal control, followed by an enzymatic digestion. Tryptic digestion of the proteins to peptides is achieved in five hours. Peptide samples are analyzed by LC-MS/MS using a triple-quad mass spectrometer. Chromatographic separation is performed in reverse phase on a C18 column using a gradient elution program.

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